New Earth Farm is an award-winning, 21-acre sustainable working and educational farm located in Pungo area of Virginia Beach, VA.  Although we are not certified organic, we grow our vegetables using only biological methods. We strive to nurture and maintain the natural ecology of the land and provide our community with the fresh, nutrient dense produce.

Enjoyed in award-winning restaurants, local food shops, and many family homes across the area, the food produced by New Earth Farm is fresh, chemical-free and delicious.


New Earth Farm was founded by John Wilson in 1995 when he bought a tractor and a compost turner and leased a few acres off Indian River Road in southern Virginia Beach. Into the ground out front he pounded a homemade sign: New Earth Farm. He has dedicated the past 30 years of his life to all-natural farming and sustainable practices. In 2017 John Wilson was ready to transfer ownership. Luckily, a team of dedicated people, who worked with Farmer John for many years, were ready to take on the challenge. Kevin Jamison, Marion and Paul Shultz and Eric Cardon partnered together to continue to carry out the mission of New Earth Farm.


Through the practices described below, we actively seek to build the healthiest soil possible.  Healthy soil is a cornerstone of sustainable all-natural agriculture and results in numerous benefits including increased plant vigor, food quality, water retention and biodiversity.


Cover crops help to encourage good soil health, prevent erosion, build organic matter and sequester carbon.  We grow a wide diversity of cash crops, but we also plan our rotation to include a mix of cover crops like buckwheat and clover. Cover crops provide so many benefits for the soil, including the ability to fix nitrogen and also we are also providing habitat and food for our native bee populations.


We grow wide variety of crops not only to supply our customers with a great selection but also because diversity in our fields contributes to a healthier farm ecosystem. We rotate crop families in our fields year to year so to help minimize pests and diseases. Every crop has different nutrient needs obtain from the soil, and by rotating crops we maintain optimum soil health and fertility.


We have a flock of approximately 300 hens that we rotate throughout our fields. We love our chickens not only for their delicious eggs but also for the advantages that this rotation provides. The birds improve the fertility of our vegetable growing land and also eat weed seeds and pests along the way. These same weeds and pests give our chickens an extra boost of nutrients, contributing to the taste of the eggs!